Sun is rising on another patch day morning :D
Here’s what to expect when you log in today!


WHEN: 4/23 ~ 5/7 until maintenance
WHAT: Play the event dungeon, Nightmare Circus!

You need a Nightmare Circus Ticket in order to enter the dungeon. Here’s how to earn them:

1. Log in everyday to receive Nightmare Circus Ticket x3 in your mailbox
2. Additional ticket for checking the attendance
3. Clearing a dungeon of appropriate level or winning in PvP will randomly get you a Nightmare Circus Ticket


1. Clear the event dungeon for Circus Costume armors
2. Clear the event dungeon in [very hard] mode 45 times to earn the crest [Internal Carnival]


WHEN: 4/23 ~ 5/7 until maintenance
WHAT: Vote for the most beautiful Chaser of all!

You need a White Day Candy in order to vote for your favorite female Chaser. Here’s how to participate in the event:

1. Defeat the monsters in Grand Chase as they will randomly drop a White Day Candy
2. Take the candy to the park where you can give it to on of the following heroines:
Elesis, Lire, Arme, Amy, Mari, Ley, Rin, Lime
3. After the event the winning character will enjoy special perks*All coins will be deleted after the event


1. Winning charater’s cash items will be on sale for 30% off (for 2 weeks after the event)
2. Winning charater will enjoy 10% stat boost in dungeons


WHEN: 4/23 ~ until next gacha update
The powerful packages filled with treasures of Arquemeece are now on sale for limited time.


WHEN: 4/9 ~ 5/21 until maintenance
WHAT: Taurus the Bull Anklets are on sale for limited time

[4/15 Mini Update] Perm Coordis and Weekday Boost UP!

Dreading the Monday morning?
A little something from Grand Chase NA to cheer you up :D

Check out the following [mini updates] – more details are on our Event Forum

1. Perma Coordis on Sale

WHEN: April 15 ~ April 23

Permanent options are available for all coordi items in shop!

More details on our event forum:

2. Weekday Boost Up!

WHEN: April 15 ~ April 19

Boost up yourself during following hours:

4pm – 6pm PST
7pm – 9pm EST

More details on our event forum:

3/27 Easter Special Patch Preview

It’s early in the morning of Wednesday March 27th, 2013 and yes.. this means NEW PATCH IS almost HERE XD
Here’s a preview on what to expect this week in Grand Chase:


How to participate:

  • You need the item [Invitation to the Banquet] in order to enter this dungeon.
  • How to obtain [Invitation to the Banquet]:
  1. Log in everyday to receive [Invitation to the Banquet] x3 per day.
  2. Play regular dungeons to collect [Torn Invitation to the Banquet] 1, 2, or 3.  Once you collect all 3 pieces you can forge them to create the invitation.
  3. If you are missing specific piece of invitation forge the other pieces together to create a new piece that you don’t have.
  • Clear the dungeon! Make sure to save the food from the monsters as more food you manage to save, more reward you get.
  • Check the mailbox for a party mission! Complete the event dungeon with your friends to earn more rewards

About the dungeon:

  • Only one difficulty level
  • Open to all players, regardless of levels and stats (stats get fixed)
  • Number of monsters and their HP determined on number of party members
  • Potions/Resurrection Bonus cannot be used


  • [Gold Coin]

-Number of coins depends on the amount of food saved from the monsters
-Use [Gold Coin] to send gifts to your friends from ingame shop
-Friendship Points will be rewarded for each gift sent
-Collect Friendship Points for additional rewards! Earn up to 210 points to win [Purrthos’ Anklet Chest]

  • Crest: [Hungry Pets’ Revolt: Feeding Frenzy!]
    -Stats: Attack 81, Defense 82, Vitality 82

-Properties: +10% Damage, 1.2x Speed Increase

  • [Serdin’s Gratitude Gift Box]


How to particiate:

  • Check your MAILBOX to find Egg Hunting Mission.
  • Play dungeons on appropriate level or win PvP matches to obtain the following:

[Probably Edible Egg] : open it to obtain a potion
[Surprise Egg]
: click OK in your inventory for your chance to win [Egg Fighter Uniform Box]

  • [Egg Accessory Box]
  • [Egg Fighter Uniform Box]

visit our EVENT PAGE or PATCH NOTE for more details!

Patch Note Preview

Hello Chasers!

With the unexpected delay of yesterday’s patch, I’m sure many of you are itching to know what’s being added this week.

So check it out below!

Please keep in mind that these patch notes are subject to change!

[Update] Ley’s 3rd Job Evoker (3/12~3/26)

  • Ley’s GP and Cash Job Change Mission available in shop
  • Bonus 30% EXP boost when playing as a Ley
  • Bonus 30% EXP boost when playing with a Ley
    -EXP boost does not stack
  • Garnet and Onyx Evoker Coordi Packages and Onyx Evoker Coordi Accessory Package are now available in shop
  • Ley support event
    -Receive a Level 1 Evoker Support Box at first log in.
    -Only users with Ley will receive this box

[Event] Dice Dice Baby! (3/12~3/26)

  • At first login, receive a game board and dice in the Mail!
  • For every hour your logged on, 1 Coin will be distributed
  • Extra Coins may be purchased from the Shop.
  • Can be found in Mini Games
  • All unused coins and game board will be removed after the event

[Event] Monster Card Mix (3/12~3/26)

  • Get rid of your old unwanted cards and create new Monster Cards through the Card Fusion System!
  • Card Fusion System can be found in your Menu.

[Event] Reinforcement Event (3/12~3/26)

  • Reinforcement Rates will be increased during the following hours
    -Mon ~ Fri 6PM ~ 7PM PDT
    -Sat & Sun 1PM ~ 2PM PDT

Hope that is enough information to hold you over until we open the servers at 9am!

We’ve gone and stocked up on some food and coffee to keep us awake. However, my suggestion for all of you is… SLEEP!

See you all later!!

Super Secret Giveaway Winners!

Hello Chasers!

Couple days ago, I held a super secret giveaway on the blog. Some of you might be sad that you were not able to participate… but if you feel that way… then check back often! ^^

Many of you guys may be wondering how we selected the winners for the giveaway. Does it require a special formula with lots of calculations? No.

Here at Gamerage, we do it the tried and true way. Writing your names on pieces of paper and picking them by hand.

so many tiny tiny names

All the names were added into this handy dandy KOG bag

My hand holding the bag... Chronos' hand selecting names... If you didn't win... you know who to blame!!!


Congratulations to iAkemi, S2Flare, TheXtreme, Apink, and CuddlyDango! Your points will be distributed to your accounts before the day is over.

Also as an FYI, NAGC’s 5th anniversary is actually on March 11th! However, all 5th anniversary related events will be starting on March 6th.

That’s all for today! See ya soon!

Late Night Patch Preview & Teaser Video!

What’s up, Chasers?

It’s a late night here at the Gamerage office. We’re going on 15 hours of work and have about 4 more left to go! Yay!

But I digress… The real reason all of you are here now are for 2 things… Patch Note Preview!… wait that’s only 1 thing

We find patch note previews exciting and we hope that this glimpse into what’s to come will get you started on that excitement!

Since it is a preview, I’m going to keep it simple… I have some other things to post and I don’t want this to be too long!

Please note that these are not complete or final patch notes, and content may vary once the patch is live. All events are scheduled to last until 3/12 unless otherwise noted. Some of the following is already live in game, but may pertain to adjustments or fixes to the current content.

[Event Dungeon] Moonlight Village

  • At first log in, check your Mailbox for the Lotus the Innkeeper’s True Identity and Moonlight Village’s Secret missions
  • Log in every day during the event period and receive a Moonlight Village Ring Chest and Moonlight Pearls

[Event] Ley’s 3rd Job Pre Event

  • At first log in, check your Mailbox for the Darkness Falls mission
  • Complete the mission and receive a Ley’s Package
  • Package contains : [Event] Ley Mission & Lady Gothique Coordi Set
  • [Event] Ley Mission can be used in 3 different ways
  • Use it to acquire Ley, forge into a mission to acquire Harbinger, or forge into a mission to acquire Evoker (3rd Job mission can only be used after 3/12)


  • Ley’s Red Crimson River Coordi Uniform
  • Ley’s Dark Crimson River Coordi Uniform
  • Kumi’s Armor Set (Neo-Geisha/Neo-Shogun)
  • Pisces the Fish Anklets available for all characters

Here is a quick teaser for Ley’s 3rd job! It doesn’t reveal very much now.. does it?

Well… To finish off… I should reveal the full image ^^

I think all the black shadows did well to hide her… for the time being.

Anyways, that’s it for all of tonight’s sneak peaks and fun stuff!

See ya!

Teaser 5… For real this time!

I couldn’t debate on how to showcase 4 and 5…

So I’ll skip straight to 5!

Since I won’t make a separate notice on FB and Twitter… I wonder how many will actually see this.

In the spirit of being sneaky, it’s time for a surprise giveaway!!!

In the comments below, leave me your IGN and 3 things you would like to see added to Grand Chase in the future!

5 Lucky winners will be randomly selected and be rewarded with 5,000 RP!

Giveaway will end on 2/27 11:59PM PST (Cause its a SURPRISE giveaway.. gotta keep it short!)

Winners will be announced through the blog on Friday 3/1!!

And now for the teaser image!!! Though… I’m sure you guys all know what it is by now… T.T

Teaser 3, 4, and 5?!

So it’s been all quiet on the Grand Chase front… and many of you are probably wondering why?

Honestly, it was because I was sick… T.T

This year’s cold is definitely the worst! So everyone take care of yourselves!!!

Enough about me being sick, I’m sure you guys want to see the rest of the images, right?

Did you think I would reveal all everything all at once?

Of course not!!!